Help a Christian
Asylum Seeker

– Information and Assistance –

The PETRA31 cooperative assists Christian asylum seekers in Finland in administrative processes, particularly in proving their Christian faith. It also works to highlight to the authorities the problems in the processes and the dangers arising from this. Assessing and proving the authenticity of a conviction requires expertise from both the immigrant’s helper and the authorities. We offer this through our network of lawyers and experts from various churches and Christian organisations.

Call to Prayer

Prayer is said to move the hand of God. Do we desire this?

It is important that we cast our cares to God, but prayer is something much broader than this.

Prayer is a conversation with our Heavenly Father and listening is an essential element of it. A good example of this is Jesus’ ministry on earth. Jesus regularly withdrew to talk to the Father and to receive clarity about the Father’s plans. This should be the case in our lives too. The Bible says that we have access to the Father and that He wants to hear us.

In the same way, Jesus serves as an excellent example of intercession in John 17:6-26. Here we see how Jesus prayed for the disciples and for all Christians.

God gives a hope and a future. This is the essence of our intercession for refugees. If anyone, it is the refugee who seeks a future and a hope for himself and his family.

We would like to see signs and wonders, and great answers to prayer, but we cannot force God to answer in the way we want. In any case, God is a faithful and loving Father who has especially called us to remember strangers as well as widows and orphans.

As we lift up refugees especially before the Father, we will also see the signs and wonders we long for. The surest way to not receive an answer to prayer is simply not to pray.

Do we pray just because it is a good Christian habit or do we really believe in the power of prayer and in the fact that God hears our prayers?

Intercessory prayer is one of the most important ways to minister to refugees. Through it, God may place something practical on our hearts. Therefore, please, join us in prayer for our Brothers and Sisters!